Alistair Niederer

CEO, Ember Canada

Alistair Niederer is a globally experienced senior business leader specializing in business transformation, customer experience management and data insights. His career has been focused on international business development and it is no surprise that he is heading up the development of the North American market for Ember Services and Davies Group Consulting and Technology. Prior to his current role, Alistair was delivering truly unique data insight solutions to UK business at Egeria Insights/Resolver Group. For a short time prior to this he acted as an independent consultant advising private equity and corporates on regional investment, due diligence, customer experience outsourcing and business transformation. His experience and knowledge for this intensive advisory period was on the back of a role as co-founder, CEO UK and Global Sales and Marketing lead at Praxidia - Teleperformance's value-added customer experience consulting and data analytics solution. This followed a transformational role in building the Asia Pacific business for TP, predominantly China, on the back of 6 years of transforming and growing the Teleperformance UK and South Africa business. Alistair has been work-based in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada with most roles belonging to North American companies coupled with periods of entrepreneurship and consultancy.

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Alistair Niederer

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