Delivering Change and Transformation

Your partner in delivering commercial, technological or cultural change.

At Ember, we don’t just design change or transformation that will improve outcomes for our clients and their customers; we support them to deliver it.

At the core of our offer, we work with clients every day on change projects like:

  • Selecting and starting to work with, or transform, relationships with BPO partners
  • Finding the right technology solution and technology partner
  • Becoming a more digital business
  • Leveraging innovation to lower cost, while improving outcomes for customers
  • Delivering change within operations to be smarter, quicker and more effective
  • Using data and insight to improve the organisation and customer experience
  • Optimising business processes and the operating model
  • Creating or transforming the sales culture and capability.

We support our clients with strong teams, robust approaches, fresh thinking, a deep understanding of the market and, critically, a focus on delivering the change in the optimum time to deliver the right outcomes.

Our Approach

Ember’s change and transformation services help our clients get things done. We can lead change for clients or give them the targeted support to ensure that change and transformation meets its goals and delivers better outcomes quickly.

We offer services that clients in all sectors can combine or select individually depending on their need.

Our team of practitioners and our flexible and comprehensive approach delivers better outcomes while creating sustainable capability within their organisation.

Why Ember

Everything we do is delivered through the customer lens.
Our team are practitioners who have delivered change and transformation in various markets.
We know the BPO and customer engagement market intimately and have managed many of the largest deals for clients – giving us a unique insight into what others are doing in the market.
Our approach lets clients take a full end-to-end approach or build on work they have done to address specific issues.

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